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Friday, September 30, 2005

Last Weekend in Brisbane, for now..

God just another 4 days to go, and I'm back to KL! Can't fuckin wait.
Shit.. have to start packing, goddamnit I hate packing. Have to get souvenirs somemore.. arrghh!

Lovely city ain't it? But I still miss KL a lot!

How's the budget report? It better be good.

Heard from Mae, Ah Meng is changing his car to X-Trail, Ah Kwan is changing his car to Accord, and even Aston also plan to change to Harrier! Fuckin bastards, how come they could simply change like nobody freakin business. The petrol is fuckin free is it?

Casey still pushing me and Mae to go Mt. Kinabalu trip with them. If it's other day, then ok la, but it will be during CNY. I'm still kinda deciding to go or not. This morning saw Fairy Joyce's Sabah pix, they were quite cool. Looks promising. Anyway, I won't commit to them yet. Lets see how things go.

Ok la, guess that's all for now. It's friday night and i'm going to layan myself with fine Australian beer (not Foster ok! I'll show u when the pix is ready). Woohoo! Can even hear the music pumpin outside the office now!

updated : here's the Australia's finest beer - Crown Lager, with Australia's famous rum - Bundaberg Rum

Til next time, adios motherfuckers!

Have a nice weekend ya'll. Good night.

DJ, Surf, Beach, Cars and Bikini's

Generally Brisbane is quite a city, with its sunny and cool weather, modern infrastructures, excellent transportation and gorgeous people.

City Beach is one of the many stores that sell swimwear and surfin stuff. I like to shop there, considering the Quicksilver there is cheaper by RM30-RM80. Know what, the one in Brisbane CBD even has a house DJ spinnin on 1st floor. Handsome bloke somemore!

DJ spinnin @ City Beach outlet

Hey Mr DJ

Classic surf boards displayed @ City Beach

View from back of ferry : Brisbane river and skyscrappers

Brisbane also have a man-made sand beach built in the city. That is so cool. That Southbank area is quite happening during weekends.

Man-made beach in Southbank, Brisbane

The Australians are so laid-back in their lifestyle. Whenever got sunshine, they will be out enjoyin them. During lunch hours, u could see lots of people sitting in the park and take their meal, wasting no opportunity to get themselves tanned.

See what I mean?

OMG, isn't that a freakin wonderful sight?

Some of the nice cars I captured on the street

Mazda RX-8

SMART cars all stacked up in the middle of roundabout

Chrysler Crossfire

Anyone considering visit Brisbane? ;)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Telstra's Big Step

Telstra is planning a $700 million project, to consolidate all its billing and CRM systems. Mind you, we are talking about 150 different billing, CRM and software programs currently in Telstra. That is a freakin HUGE step yo.

Will Vodafone and Optus follow Telstra's footstep?

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

In an extremely rare decision, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19 year-old college freshman. Told in flashbacks, 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' chronicles the haunting trial of the priest accused of negligence resulting in the death of the young girl believed to be possessed and the laywer who takes on the task of defending him

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I've always been a fan for exorcism movies. The Exorcist still remained one of my favourite horror film. The reviews for this movie are mixtures of good and bad. Anyway, the trailer seems impressively terrifying. Opened in US last weekend. Hopefully can watch it in KL next 2 weeks.

By the way, mind you, this is based on a true story. Be afraid. Be very afraid..

Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

It was a good result for the Kop. They played with good built up, and minimal errors. This is how the European Champ should played. The problem is when they play strong teams, they tend to played well, but when they play average teams, they performed below par.

Rafa, pls do something about this. And pls, sell the pussy dresser Cisse outta here! He's even worse than Kewell!

Hey Willie, you did freakin handle the ball didnt ya? You freakin piece of shit!

We'll meet u again this Sunday, Blues!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gold Coast - More Photos

Well, these are some photos I got from the trip to Gold Coast recently. Just wanna share with you guys!

Gold Coast during sunset, purple-ish, stunning yo!

Versace actually has its own hotel villa, near the Seaworld. Too bad my camera didn't capture the Versace logo properly, it actually changes colours from time to time. Awesome!

Once again, I present to you, Palazzo Versace!

Seaworld at Gold Coast

Hard Rock cafe

Hafiz, Nazim, me and Tee, at one of the Malaysian Seafood Restaurant in Gold Coast

Guns N' Roses on Walk of Fame

Surfer's Paradise - the trendiest part of Gold Coast

Yeah, not like KL eh?

The Amazing Race 8 premieres

Yes, my favourite reality show is here! Too bad I can't watch it at Astro, and the stupid Australia TV doesn't air any reality show except for The Simple Life 3. Pathetically boring man.

Anyway back to AR8, this season is gonna be family edition with 4 members in each team. Sure kecoh like hell i tell u.

Well, surprisingly the season's premiere was won by an all-girl family team. Hehe I got the news from the net, but I don't know who was eliminated yet. We'll see.

The winning team - Godlewski family

I still remember how emotional I was, when Uchenna and Joyce finished 1st in last season's finale. They really deserved it, especially when Joyce shaved her head off.

Welcome back Philiminator!

Liverpool vs Chelsea (Round 1)

Big night! Personally, with Chelsea's current form, it's hard to say that it's gonna be 50-50 tonight. I feel it's more like 30-70, advantage to Chelsea tonight. Especially when Cisse is so off-form and Crouch still yet to justify his true value.

My only hope is that Gerrard and Alonso will donimate the midfield tonight, and supply the balls to Crouch and Garcia.

Master Benitez working on his tactics

Gerrard and Lampard, who will outshine who?

Surely, a draw will please the fans. But for me, I don't mind losing to Chelsea tonight, as long as we qualify 2nd in group stage, and we beat them on this Sunday's EPL game! Yeah, that will be freakin goooood..

Stay Behind The Bars For 3 Years, Biatch!

Lynndie England, who said she was only trying to please her soldier boyfriend when she took part in detainee abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, was sentenced late Tuesday to three years behind bars for her crimes.

Did she tell the truth?
Nah.. Won't buy it. Go fuck yourself in the prison you piece of shit.

"What da ya want soldier?"
"I want the truth!"
"You can't handle the truth!"
- A Few Good Men, 1992 (Columbia Pictures)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brothel in Australia

Bet ya didn't know that apart from the famous Netherlands, Australia is another country that has its prostitution industry legalised (at least in Queensland & NSW that I know of). Yeap, brothel is the high class term for prostitution service centre/outlets.

Don't worry hunky, we accept VISA and MasterCard too. Now where shall we begin?

They even have their own canggih website. Check it out :

Purely Blue

88 on Logan

Perhaps Kenny can tell us if Perth has some brothel or not? Just kiddin mate ;P

Oh, by the way, they also have some Industry Awards for this u know! It's called Australian Adult Industry Awards, and they will be judged base on their decorations, staff, *cough* service and etc. Don't play play.

Australian Adult Industry Awards

Propose to her?

Yes, propose to her! But not me to Mae la, kanasai ;)

It's my buddy Calvin to his sweetheart, Mimi. He actually proposed to her yesterday (26/9/2005), and he was so kind to let his far-away buddies share the news next morning. Me and Nabil would like to sincerely congrats you both, all the way from Brisbane and Riyadth.

He actually decorated her room with roses, balloons and photos, before proposed to her. Simple yet creative, no?

And she nodded and proudly show off the ring. Eh bro, u got the ring from Carat Club is it? How u know it will fit her finger ah?

Once again, congrats to Mimi & Calvin. The most handsome & beautiful groom & bride in the world! So.. I get to be the bestman rite, bro?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Rock n' Roll

The year is coming to an end, and there are lots of super-cool concerts are lining up already. Pump up your wallet and start rockin till new year's eve! ;)

Simple Plan - SP and Emerly are going to watch this on Sunday 2 Oct. Welcome to my life!

Check out the stars that are coming to Brisbane in next 2 months! Ya I know Pavarotti is not a rock star, but he's also really famous leh. From top to bottom, Oasis, Pavarotti, Jamiroquai, Foo Fighter and Kelly Clarkson.

Yes! Yes! We got Michael Buble and Green Day too! But.. only in Sydney! WTF? Come do your gigs here mate!

Bravo Fernando!

Fernando Alonso - 2005 F1 World Champion
Well, at least it's not Michael Schumacher again!

Good news is McLaren is leading on Constructor's Championship table. Watch out in Suzuka and Shanghai.


The only good thing about movies in Malaysia, is that the movies are released almost immediately as in the States (sometimes even earlier!). For example Flightplan was released in Malaysia the same date as in US.

Jodie Foster is one of my favourite actress. Personally, I like her performance in Contact and she just missed out on the Oscar that year. I've been told that this movie is not as good as expected. Well, still, I think any movie with Jodie Foster in it, will surely worth a watch.

Can't wait to go back to KL next week. Guess by the time I executed this Flightplan, and back to Brisbane again after 2 weeks, they still have not release the movie here in Australia. God, it's so slow here. Can you believe they are still showing Batman Returns in some cinemas, and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and Stealth just been released 2 weeks ago?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tess and Kimi?

Tess Smith in her nose-bleeding ultimate sexy outfits, during the Emmy Awards recently. Oh.. how I wish the same dress on Adriana Lima. My heart would collapse for sure ;)

Kimi Raikkonen. Well, Tess made the impossible to be possible. So I hope you'll achieve the impossible tonight as well. I mean, Alonso is a cool and lucky driver, but Kimi is much cooler and faster driver. God bless you Kimi.

Too bad I won't be watching the GP live tonight as the live feed starts at 2:45am here. Will somebody kind enough to let me know the result asap?

Sun-bathing @ Gold Coast, Australia

Me and Mae went to Gold Coast, when she was visiting me here in Brisbane for couple of weeks. We went there on 14th Aug 2005. It was a bright and sunny day. Perfect!

Although it's end of winter here in Australia, the weather still could be very chilly, especially if the wind blows. Thank god the weather was nice, check out the crowd! I wonder how it would be during summer? ;)

All the surf boards lining up. I wish I could surf like them.

I like this photo, Mae and the perfect blue sky. Cool huh?

So relaxing, we got a good tan in the end.

Too bad we can't drink beer openly in Gold Coast. Even smoking also we did it with low profile. Well, I know I know, it's to protect the beach & the environment. Bah!


Saturday I woke up at 12pm, lepaking around the apartment, enjoying my ice-cream for my brunch.. watching some Skynews on TV.. then I get my ass up to do my laundry.

Half way to my laundry, my flat-mate decided to dry his clothes in the dryer/tumbler! What the fuck? Can't u see that I'm halfway washing here? Somemore he put the timer to 2 hours! In the end, I have to wait for an hour before I could get my clothes out of the washing machine and put them into the dryer/tumbler. Such as ass!

Anyway, I got over it quickly, got some McD's nuggets and went to sauna+jacuzzi session in the evening.. peaceful yo!

At nite went to Izham's apartment to catch some EPL actions! Liverpool 2-2 Birmingham in the end. Rafa, once again, pls sell-off Cisse and put Gerrard in attacking mode.. it is so obvious that Cisse can't score goals.. and his "hairan" faces all over.. like my colleague Hafiz claimed, he is a "tukang hairan" hahaha..

Shit.. Alonso is in pole position for tomorrow's Brazilian GP.. don't u give up Kimi.

Going for mini-soccer game at West End on Sunday. Chiao.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Thank God It's Friday!

It's already 8:30pm here. Been busy working and starting up my blog whole day :)

Nothing beats an ice-cooled beer now..
Have a nice weekend folks!

spiller, out!