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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Amazing Tokyo!

Man.. I'm so high with all the sake. Feel totally wasted now.

In the time being, I present you..

Tokyo city, from my hotel room

Tokyo Tower, from 42nd floor of the Mori Tower
(I know, it's a bit blur, but fuck it)

Too bad I'm flying back tomorrow. Later peeps.


P/S: Bah! The Sakura is not blooming yet and I didn't have the time to visit Shibuya!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Mahai. Just when I about to fly tonight to Tokyo for business, earthquake shakes Japan.

OK chill.. chill.. I'm going to see Sakura blooming and I'll be in Tokyo! The home of Hiro Nakamura! Haha.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

Lily and Anttyk both tagged me, so here goes:

1. I don't eat crabs, prawns or fish.
Well, at least not with the shells or bones with it. Yeah, I'm that lazy :P

2. I don't like to drink coffee.
My pee will smells coffee and I'll be awake all night.

3. I like watching movies alone.
I know, it's weird, shuddup!

4. I think Scarlett Johansson is ordinary and Carmen Electra is ugly.
Why are they so famous anyway? *roll eyes*

5. I don't like french fries.
Serious. I don't eat them when I order the value meals.

6. I like giving "poon-job", as much as I like getting "blow-job".
*winks to Lily*

That's it. Gotta prepare myself for the weekend now. You guys have a good one ya?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fuck You, TNB!

I was happily watching Stephen Chow's classic on tele, when suddenly "pop", everything went dark. No way man, this is so NOT happening.. I was talking to myself as I go outside to check out the rest of neighbourhood. Guess what? The houses on the opposite rows still power-on. Machaohai!

Well, this is Malaysia and sometimes shit does happens, so I guess it'll be quick and short power outage. FUCKING WRONG! Niamah, power went out before midnight, and by 1am still no sign of recovering. So I called TNB hotline, and without surprise, line was freakin busy. Kept trying for 15min and finally I was greeted with the usual IVR stuff. By now I was sweating like pig already, chaohai why so damn hot nowdays?

As usual, "technician is on the way", "we are looking at 1-2 hours recovery time" bla bla bla same shit. I can do nothing apart from cursing and swearing. And this went on and on.. 2am.. 3am.. 4am.. Chibai how come still no power wan? PUKIMAK.. no aircond and mossies were constant menace..

Finally I passed out on the living floor.. and the next time I feel my aircond running, it was already 7am, not to mention my body was damn itchy and sticky from all the sweating and the mossy bites. Man.. if you were in KL last night, can you imagine going to bed without aircond?

So to all of you in TNB..


Monday, March 05, 2007

No footy, only boobies

Well, what can I say? I was hoping at least for a draw, but fucker Mr. Luck is playing his trick again.. last time Ferdinand's last gasp header, now O'Shea's injury time winner! KNNCCB!! Frust gila man.. I didn't even wait for the final whistle to leave.. imagine the crowd up in Genting there with Ian Rush.. damn! Must be helluva bummer.

Most of the people, well except Rafa, can see a glimpse of where the trophy is heading to now..

Anyway, I'm glad Scholes got sent-off. At least we hope without him, MU will drop some points with the remaining games.

Can we get Petr Cech? I don't care how much or how impossible, just bribe his agent whatever, and get him replace Pepet.. fucker whole game so free, in the end can't even catch Doi Doi's freekick properly.. Cibai!

It's confirmed! Blardy Sissoko cannot pass or shoot the ball!! Keep giving away ball to opponents.. and don't even mention about Crouch, we've heard a fuckin lot of him..

Anyhow.. bring on Barca!! Arghh.. we are so gonna kick your ass!!!

Nuf of footy.. this CNY was fun and relaxing, lots of gambling and eating. No photos to post though, but no worry, there's always the lovely Marissa for you homies. Enjoy and have a good week ahead y'all.

*imagine myself being one of the sheeps above*
Hmm.. I feel much better now. Do you? ;)