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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brothel in Australia

Bet ya didn't know that apart from the famous Netherlands, Australia is another country that has its prostitution industry legalised (at least in Queensland & NSW that I know of). Yeap, brothel is the high class term for prostitution service centre/outlets.

Don't worry hunky, we accept VISA and MasterCard too. Now where shall we begin?

They even have their own canggih website. Check it out :

Purely Blue

88 on Logan

Perhaps Kenny can tell us if Perth has some brothel or not? Just kiddin mate ;P

Oh, by the way, they also have some Industry Awards for this u know! It's called Australian Adult Industry Awards, and they will be judged base on their decorations, staff, *cough* service and etc. Don't play play.

Australian Adult Industry Awards


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