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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chelsea, here we come!

3-4-3 did for us again! Bravo!


Can he stop Deco when we play Barca? hmm..


2 brand new iPod Nano 4GB, selling at RM700 each, any takers?
Leave a comment if you interested.


I totally despise people that take lift in LRT station! Machaohai, WTF is wrong with you people? Walk a bit can die ah?


Babe of the week

Nichole Hiltz

Happy holiday folks! Too bad if you're out of KL/Selangor :P

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Update. Sort of.

Damn busy, just back from Singapore.

Good news: Keeley Hazell has a sex video!!
Bad news: Damn! Only the BJ part is available now. HERE

No worries, I'll have something else for you pervs ;)

Samantha Harris, looks familiar?

Samantha Harris on IMDB

Your nose bleeding yet?

No time to blog now. Later peeps.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Aloha 2007

Adult Entertainment Convention held in Las Vegas. Seriously o_0

The boobs..Are..So..Real..

Official website


Managed to book 2 Air Asia tickets to Siem Reap for RM386. Good deal.
Angkor Wat, here we come!


Alan Curbs has the ugliest tumbnail EVAR!


heartbreak at Anfield

yeah yeah.. my fault.. is that the exit door? (Yes, pls go sohai!)

Bellamy: WTF? why substitute Garcia with Jamie?
Robbie: As long as not Kuyt or Crouchie. Ha!


Oops! Xiaxue did it again..