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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Saturday I woke up at 12pm, lepaking around the apartment, enjoying my ice-cream for my brunch.. watching some Skynews on TV.. then I get my ass up to do my laundry.

Half way to my laundry, my flat-mate decided to dry his clothes in the dryer/tumbler! What the fuck? Can't u see that I'm halfway washing here? Somemore he put the timer to 2 hours! In the end, I have to wait for an hour before I could get my clothes out of the washing machine and put them into the dryer/tumbler. Such as ass!

Anyway, I got over it quickly, got some McD's nuggets and went to sauna+jacuzzi session in the evening.. peaceful yo!

At nite went to Izham's apartment to catch some EPL actions! Liverpool 2-2 Birmingham in the end. Rafa, once again, pls sell-off Cisse and put Gerrard in attacking mode.. it is so obvious that Cisse can't score goals.. and his "hairan" faces all over.. like my colleague Hafiz claimed, he is a "tukang hairan" hahaha..

Shit.. Alonso is in pole position for tomorrow's Brazilian GP.. don't u give up Kimi.

Going for mini-soccer game at West End on Sunday. Chiao.


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