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Friday, September 30, 2005

Last Weekend in Brisbane, for now..

God just another 4 days to go, and I'm back to KL! Can't fuckin wait.
Shit.. have to start packing, goddamnit I hate packing. Have to get souvenirs somemore.. arrghh!

Lovely city ain't it? But I still miss KL a lot!

How's the budget report? It better be good.

Heard from Mae, Ah Meng is changing his car to X-Trail, Ah Kwan is changing his car to Accord, and even Aston also plan to change to Harrier! Fuckin bastards, how come they could simply change like nobody freakin business. The petrol is fuckin free is it?

Casey still pushing me and Mae to go Mt. Kinabalu trip with them. If it's other day, then ok la, but it will be during CNY. I'm still kinda deciding to go or not. This morning saw Fairy Joyce's Sabah pix, they were quite cool. Looks promising. Anyway, I won't commit to them yet. Lets see how things go.

Ok la, guess that's all for now. It's friday night and i'm going to layan myself with fine Australian beer (not Foster ok! I'll show u when the pix is ready). Woohoo! Can even hear the music pumpin outside the office now!

updated : here's the Australia's finest beer - Crown Lager, with Australia's famous rum - Bundaberg Rum

Til next time, adios motherfuckers!

Have a nice weekend ya'll. Good night.


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