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Friday, January 27, 2006

Celebrate this CNY with fine vodka and best beer in the world. Yum Seng!

Well, I still not able to upload any photos from my client site. And I usually don't blog during weekends. So bear with me while I find alternate solution k?

I'm local therefore I'll be sticking around KL during the CNY, which I'm fine with, at least I get to enjoy the less crowded shopping malls and most importantly, no traffic jams! w00t.

I'd like to know if anyone tried Grey Goose Vodka before? It just launched in Malaysia end of last year, and there's not much feedback yet, not even from the Vodka Queen, Fireangel ;)

Anyhow, I've checked their website and it looks quite impressive, the web design I mean. Not sure bout the vodka though, will definitely try it out whenever I have the chance.

Wouldn't it be absolutely freakin nice, if we could yum seng with the World's Best Tasting Vodka during this Chinese New Year?

By the way, if you are fan of beer, pls try Erdinger if you travel to Singapore. That's the nearest I could go for Erdinger. Don't think they have it in Malaysia. Damn it, this is what I don't like about Malaysia, we seems to enjoy far less of fine things around compare to people across the straits. Believe me, Erdinger is the best beer I have tasted! So smooth and not gassy, best! Will blog about Erdinger more next time.

Enjoy your holidays folks. Once again..

Gong Hei Fatt Choy! TOTO Magnum guan guan loy.

Monday, January 23, 2006


I've been too lazy to update recently, until ST told me he's fed up with Paris' crab already. Also, I've been having trouble uploading photos onto Blogspot. Must be the damn firewall at my client site now. (Stupid Maxis!)

I've got a lot to blog about, been busy attending weddings and went to Singapore for the past few weeks. Anyway, I'll blog about them later.

Meanwhile, I got tagged by ST.

4 jobs you’ve had in your life:
Fast food crew - Wimpy's Restaurant, Portsmouth UK
Software engineer - DiGi Telecommunications, Malaysia
Consultant - Intec Systems (Asia Pacific), Malaysia
Support manager - KL, Malaysia

4 movies you could watch over and over:
Terminator 3
All Stephen Chow's classics
All Tom Hanks movies

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:
The Amazing Race
The Apprentice
Sex and The City
Jacky Woo's variety show (Taiwan)

4 places you’ve lived:
Portsmouth, UK
Brisbane, Australia
Luzern, Switzerland
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4 places you’ve been on vacation to:

4 places you would rather be:
Los Angeles

4 of your favourite foods:
Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung, Singapore
Kiku Zakura set menu
Thai food
All sorts of desserts

4 websites you visit daily:
Shaolin Tiger & Co.
Jeff Ooi
Joyce Kinkybluefairy
Junk Feud

No one will be tagged from here.

By the way, did you watch MU vs Liverpool last night? I'm so pissed with Cisse! How could that fucker missed that super-6-yards-open-goal chance?? Blardy hell you!

Luckily I wasn't at Souled Out. Damn bengang wei.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Fuck off MJ, check this out!

Paris diggin her crotch on the beach. There goes my New Year.