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Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year 2006

Watched King Kong last night. Bah.. so so only. But hey, the Mission Impossible 3 trailer is out. So fast! Last month Tom Cruise still shooting in Shanghai, and now it's already out. Respect those Hollywood crew man!

After I watched the trailer, don't feel anticipate at all. Here's why:

No more John Woo

Phillip Seymour Hoffman? WTF? He's the bad guy?

I'll hurt her. Then I'll kill you infront of her (sien..)

No, don't kill Keri Russell, kill Katie Holmes instead

Aiyah, u all jealous is it?

Then he'll be mad. Really mad

The only thing I look forward in this movie, is him

Ving Rhames

This fella damn macho. Remember him in Con Air, Dawn of the Dead, and even Pulp Fiction? But then again, my most anticipate movie of 2006 will be her..

Da Vinci Code. Check out the trailer, it's out

Lastly, season greetings from the Pitts, in year 2018

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry X'mas

To my favourtie actress. Guess who?

It's Jodie Foster. Posing at London in 1976. She was already so stylish even when she's young.

Ya keep scratching your balls fucker.. you better score hell lot of goals in June next year, or I'll ask Collina and Zizzou to whack your balls.

By the way, Owen, we still love you, but we got to win the 3 points on Boxing Day, and to Greame Souness: FUCK you!

Merry X'mas to y'all. Hohoho.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

King Kong in New York, again!

So King Kong is premiering next week. Big deal. Peter Jackson. Wooo.. Nah, I'm not too excited either. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the movie is fantastically made, but still, it's kinda lacking the sense of reality in it. I can somehow foresee that.

Even with Narnia and Aeon Flux.. just another very sci-fi futuristic megabucks production. How come nowdays no great movies on reality anymore? Like Shawshank Redemption? Or at least give us some nice police-CIA-bad-guys-bang-bang drama, like Bourne Identity?

Come on Hollywoord. It's Christmas already.

Meanwhile, back in Times Square. We have Mr. Jackson with the mayor, along with Adrien Brody, Jack Black, Naomi Watts and of course the big ape himself!

The New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg even proclaimed that Dec 5 will be the "King Kong Day" in New York

And it's suppose to be a BIG day.

Look out! Scream Naomi!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Penelope Cruz es mi querido

Not in mood to blog much. Rather share something eye-catching with y'all. She's my favourite Spanish girl, Penelope Cruz. Madrid born somemore!

Penelope Cruz topless sex scene

Isn't she hot? What was Tom Cruise thinking? Screw the Tom-Kat couple.

jódale, Tom

By the way, the new GAP ad is kinda cool. Check it out.

Still from GAP ad

new GAP advertisement

I heard GAP only has stores in US, UK, France and Japan. What? We can't afford to buy your fuckin GAP is it?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Holy Crap! Fatty Crab in New York

I was bored and reading through the Top 10 New Things to do in NYC this season, and suddenly a statement caught my attention!

What the.. Fatty Crab is one of the high profile restaurant opening in NYC!

They have Fatty Crab in New York??

Apparently no fewer than 60 high profile restaurants are opening in the city in the coming months, and the New York Times has a rundown on the cover of its paper in September. By this time Fatty Crab has already opened and started its business. Check out the review of Fatty Crab by New York Times

Fatty Crab, damn I didn't know they were so international leh

On another note, since it's Friday (God I love weekends!), something amuzing..

Jesus passing joint to Heman

Have a super-high weekend you mothafuckers!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Random Thoughts

It's been a while since my last post. Not really busy for last 2 weeks, but sometimes just too lazy to update ya know? Must be the KL weather, been so gloomy and rainy for past few weeks. "Blame it on the Rain, yay yay.." Remember this song?

Anyway, today I feel good. Especially knowing that Liverpool just got their 5th straight wins this season, beating Sunderland 2-0 this morning. Great job guys!

Speaking of football, I got to know that Nolberto Solano of Newcastle has his own salsa band, and he actually plays the trumpet! Talented chap indeed. I do enjoy watching him play sometimes. He's one of the few unselfish, clean and humble player that I noticed in the EPL. Perhaps he mixes his salsa skills into his game, no?

Solano practices with his salsa band at St James Park

The image above, and all below, were obtained from Getty Images, which is one of my favourite daily reads. Getty Images provides up-to-the-minute images of the latest news, sport and entertainment events as they unfold around the world. Lots of their collection are award-winning photography materials. Very exclusive and the best thing is you may view all of them free.

It keeps me updated of things happening around the world, and believe me, picture speaks louder than words! Something that I've seen and learn today:

1. Robots that can dance.

Partner Ballroom Dance Robots (PBDR) of robotic venture Nomura Unison dances with a man during 2005 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo

2. The first black archbishop in England. Very significant indeed. Something like appointing an ang moh for Shaolin Temple high-ranked master, no?

The Church of England celebrated the appointment of its first black archbishop at York Minster by enthroning Dr. John Sentamu as Archbishop of York. Dr. Sentamu now has the second highest post in the Church of England

3. The Santa is coming! Rockefellar Center. Takes my breath away. One of my must-visit places if I go NYC.

The 73rd annual Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony takes place in New York City

4. Galerie Lafayette is freakin cool!

Galerie Lafayette displays holiday decorations on the store facade in Paris

oh mon dieu
donc baisant beau
maintenant baiser de
Je veux aller commercial
merci beaucoup

Don't speak French? Go translate yourself heehee.

On the same note, when I realized X'mas is coming, I can't help but to remember the tragic tsunami that happened on the Boxing Day last year.

Former US President and UN special envoy for Tsunami Recovery, Bill Clinton, bows after laying a wreath at a mass grave of last year Tsunami disaster victims in Banda Aceh. As the one-year commemoration of the Tsunami approaches, Clinton visited the disaster devastated Banda Aceh

I wonder how does Banda Aceh looks now?

Meanwhile, on the same region..

Surfers pay tribute to the Bali bomb victims of October 1, as they hold hands while sitting on their boards at sunset next to the Jimbaran fish cafes on Jimbaran beach in Bali

Consider how lucky we are, despite all the corruption mayhem going on now.