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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kate Moss - The Cooked Goose

Seems like bad model has been hot topic these couple of days. Well, what can I say? I thought of Kate Moss instantly. Here goes:

She was then the new Twiggy, thanks to the Calvin Klein ads

During her anorexia days. Don't blame the ciggy k?

She dated Johnny Depp (well, at least better than Wynona!)

Certain times she does look better than Wynona

She has a 3-year-old daughter now. During her pregnancy, she posed nude (a la Demi Moore) in a near life-size portrait called "Naked Portrait 2002." It was sold for approximately $6.5 million at Christie's auction house! (What the fuck?)

She had threesome with Jude Law and his wife Sadie Frost (apparently Kate's lesbian partner too! And you thought Jude was the one cheating huh?)

And now this:

Her friends sold her to Daily Mirror

She actually sniffed 20 lines of coke in 40 minutes! That was really super-shit! Now I know why she didn't notice that freakin camera was rollin. Forget the amazing photos, here's the video, it's in Italian, don't ask me to translate.

Kate Moss doing coke

Only time will tell whether her current troubles will have any long term affect on her career (Like I care? Time to go biatch, we like Adriana better :P)

In her earlier 1997 shot and looked innocent. By the way, I did not edit those words, serious!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Material Girl is back

After Murder on the Dancefloor from Sophie, we have the Confessions on the Dancefloor, from one of my favourite singer, Madonna.

Madonna, always funky

The single is currently a hit in the air now. However personally I think it was so so. I hope there will be better tracks from her latest album. Something with quality like Ray of Light and Music

Time to Move On

It's not an easy decision, but yeah, I've decided to move on, in my career. I've tender my resignation yesterday, due to personal reasons. One of them would be to stay close to my family here in KL.

Personally I kinda like my current company. They have been nice in every aspects, except that the pay is not generous enough hehe. Anyway, I just would like to expresss my appreciation here to all my fellow colleagues there, to the management and to all the Brisbane folks.

Thank you guys, you guys are great!

Some advertising campaign display in Brisbane, up in the air

Where am I going? Well, let's just say I'll be based in KL for some time, and I can't wait to start contributing to my new company. They have been kind enough to offer this excellent opportunity to me.

The company is based in Switzerland, and has its regional Asia Pacific office in Singapore. It has achieved respectable growth and market segments since its operation in this telco industry back in the early 90s

The Singapore metropolitan with the Swiss Alps backdrop, fantastic, no?

I shall miss the Brisbane life. I'll miss the super-nice-view-KLCC-office and I certainly will miss the Coffee Club breakfast. But I also looking forward to go Switzerland for training again! Teehee.

Till next time, chiao.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

2005 Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show 2005, 22 Oct - 8 Nov

Full review here (not by me la of course)

Honda Civic 2006 - sleek as City, which I don't quite fancy. Exterior getting worse. Interior could be better. Let's hope so

Ferrari GG50 - the most un-ferrari-like model for the past decades. Nevertheless, it's kinda cool, especially the top. Not convertabile yet very stylish

Honda WOW - Cute. Very useful for dog-lovers like me. Wait, what if I have a German Shepherd?

Mitsubishi X concept - Damn garang! Love it!

Nissan GT-R Proto - Due for release in 2008. You might wanna start saving now ;)

OMG! Fatboy Slim on New Year's Eve!

Yes, in Sydney! At the famous Bondi Beach somemore! Woohoo!

By the way, his Big Beach bash in Rio in March this year drew Fatboy's biggest ever single audience - a staggering 360,000 Brazilians! Unbelievable!

Norman Cook a.k.a Fatboy Slim

Nowdays he often refers himself either Fatboy Slim the DJ, or Fatboy Slim the artist, since he also involves in some recording stuff at studio now.

Fatboy Slim in Nottingham, UK

After Judge Jules, Oakenfold, Fontaine and Carl Cox, now I have to chance to partay with Fatboy Slim! I really hope I'll be in Australia to watch this. Finger crossed ya'll.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Marlboro Lights

Good news, it's back to RM6.50 again for 20's pack, doesn't matter if it's for limited period.

ML in Malaysia - one of the cheapest

Mind you, it costs RM30 a pack in Australia. God is blessing us.

Where Is The Justice?

Came across this news and I wonder will these royalty people ever get caught?

The so-unlucky couple


Then I saw this blog and feel sorry for this guy. I mean, especially for people like me, who enjoys drinking and clubbing every weekend now and then, this is so horrifying rite? I mean, it could be fuckin one of us!

I wonder these sick-fat-corrupted-bastards will ever get caught and be dealt with?

Pudu Jail, u won't wanna spend a second there


Because we all knew that corruption and racism has its dark influence all over the politics and law enforcements in Malaysia. Not even ACA can do anything about it. Sick!

I'll get the bloody Dirty Harry here, bloody motherfuckers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Next 007

It's final. Brosnan quits 007. Daniel Craig is taking over. I mean, Daniel who?

OK OK, he's the son of Paul Newman in the movie Road to Perdition. So what? He doesn't look manly enough to me. More like a sick pervert.

I still think Brosnan is perfect for the role. He's manly and sexy. What a waste!

Bond, James Bond

Doesn't look and sound familiar, does it?

The New Office

I mentioned about the new office in KLCC 72nd floor, and finally I'm able to show some photos. Check it out ya'll.

The pantry dining area

The pantry wet area

The pink rounded sofa and stereo player

Tower 1 with Concorde Hotel in background

KL Convention Centre on bottom left

The nearest you could get

Monday, October 17, 2005

Saturday EPL and MoMo Cafe

Well, what can I say about EPL nowdays? Chelsea seems unstoppable woi! Even Arsene Wenger also admits that Arsenal is out of contention this year, after they lost at West Brom. That sucks.

Liverpool, once again, slim win over 10-man Blackburn. Lega sikit.

That red card made huge difference

Yah, u better keep scoring or I'll cut ur freakin tongue and feed the french poodle! U feel me?

Hey, since when Sugar Ray is into EPL as well?

Was catching up with some of my buddies when the EPL is playing. Went to this MoMo Cafe at Pandah Indah. Nothing fancy, but at least the staff were helpful, and the music is nice and not too loud. Not filled with ah bengs or ah lians either hehe.

Gonna miss them if I head to Brisbane again next week

Mango tea and what-else-but-Heineken ;)

We proceed to Fei Po Kai (Fat Woman Chicken Rice shop) along Jalan Pudu for supper at 2am. Damn guilty when I saw my tummy the next morning.

Arrghh, fuck it la.

Happy Birthday Kimi

The Team McLaren Mercedes driver is celebrating his 26th birthday today.

It's OK Kimi, they just got lucky this year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Astonishing Nano

Hafiz got himself a Nano, just days before we flew back from Brisbane. It is super thin and super cool man!

Blinky test-listening Nano

He got it for AUS$359, which is less than RM1100. That's the best deal I heard so far. So my advice is get it online. It's cheaper and delivered to your doorstep. On top of that, you can even engrave whatever freakin word you want on the back of it (in Australia)

The engraveable Nano - not available in Malaysia

Escape From Alcatraz

A 9-year-old boy swam the cold, choppy waters between Alcatraz island and the San Francisco shoreline Monday, raising $30,000 in donations for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Johnny Wilson, a fourth grader from Hillsborough, called the swim in the 53-degree San Francisco Bay "tiring" but said he kept telling himself, "I'm almost there, I'm almost there."

Johnny finished the 1.4-mile swim from the infamous prison island in under two hours.

The prison closed in 1963 and never officially recorded a successful inmate escape. Now even a 9-year-old can escape kanasai!

A fourth-grader swims from Alcatraz island to San Francisco.

Amazing ain't it? What was I doing when I was 9? Maybe still playing guli and watching smurf on tv. Tiu. Damn malu :P

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tiu. Puasa Dai Sai Meh?

Been busy catching up with friends and family since touched down on last Wed morning. Finally today I have some time to check my mails and blog, when I actually came to office, how ironic haha!

Speaking of office, we had moved to 72nd floor in KLCC. That's so freakin high yo. The highest place I've worked so far, obviously. They have a nice pantry and long sofa too! How cool. Will show some pix later.

Went to Chili's in KLCC last Saturday coz Mae was craving for their old-timer burger. We arrived at 5pm for late brunch and, as usual, have to wait 10-15min for table.

The amazing thing is by 5.45pm, the Muslim patrons started sitting around us. Not only one table, but a few tables. Mind u, it was 5.45pm! We were like WTF they come here so early for when they should buka puasa at 7pm?

Then we saw them started reading books there, chatting, and talking over the phone. Oh come on, there were still people waiting for table outside, and this bunch of people just sit there and occupying the space without having a meal, at least not yet! Pls be more considerate la tiu.

Yeah, but your management sucks a LOT!

Of course, we left before they buka. Can't bear to see them enjoyin while other people suffering. At least, we felt much better, after we managed to do some shopping later, in a less crowded KLCC ;)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Another aerorplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

by Michael Bublé

I'll see you in 2 weeks, Brisbane

What has Malaysian Government Done?

They don't say prevent is better than cure for nothing. Ever since 9/11 attack and some terrorism acts across the world, the Australian government has been working very hard in preventing these acts to spread into the continent.

They have set up a comprehensive website for all information related to national security for its citizen, in order to remind them of this thread.

One of the terrorism prevention awareness signboard.

You'll find these signboard in all business district areas, as well as all major transportation hubs in Australia. They've been there since the first Bali bombing in 2002. You just can't ignore it and simply have to keep remind yourself to stay alert always.

Now I wonder what has Malaysian government done, to prevent such tragic event in London and most recently Bali, to repeat in our own soil? Do you know any?

Nicholas Cage

Some facts :

He's a new father to a baby boy.
He's ex-wife were Lisa-Marie Presley and Patricia Arquette.
He's a nephew to Francis Ford Coppola (I didn't know that!)

Nicholas Cage

Most of his movies sucked, except Leaving Las Vegas and Gone in 60 Seconds.

With Angelina Jolie before her Lara Croft fame, I guess she was still married to Billy Bob Thornton then?

Speaking of Jolie, she also came from a femes family. Her father is Jon Voight. The one that will potrays Pope John Paul II in his upcoming movie.

Jon Voight in Pearl Harbour. Recognise him?

By the way, the father-daughter made appearance together for Tomb Raider in 2001. Betcha didn't notice that didcha? ;)

Monday, October 03, 2005

It Beats First-Class By A Mile!

Yes, there is an official website for Mile High Club, and it's exclusive ya know?

For those who desperate to join the club, especially Kim, here's some useful tips.

And no, you don't have to own a private jet like them, to join the club.

Catching night flight to KL tomorrow. Hopefully can see some people joining the club?

Master of All Prankster!

Warning! Girls and ladies, this may be offensive, especially if u are tube-top lovers. So pls watch it on your own risk ok?

The tube-top snatcher!

To the guys, pls join me in saluting this crazy motherfucker will ya? Yes, he is abso-fuckin-lutely crazy son-of-bitch!

Latest update: The guy is still on the loose, and has been rumoured to land into Malaysia recently.

A Feast for Your Eyes, and Your Mind

Japanese chicks and sports, what do they have in common? Well, one of them is motorsport racing.. ok ok, but there's lot more!

How about Jap chicks doing rope, like Mike Tyson did always?

Yeah baybeh keep bouncing baybeh!

And how about Jap chicks posing on the ring?

Can I have a handicap match with them?

I betcha wouldn't want to miss these hot & steamy footage, would ya?
Don't watch until your nose bleeds ;)

We must work on the defense, Rafa!

It is obvious that Finnan and Hyypia were caught out of position last night, and allowed Drogba to dance over them too easily. We just simply can't afford to make mistake like that, not with Chelsea. We just simply can't expect Carragher to do all the defense work, he need backup too!

We really need to buy good defenders, and good striker!

Gerrard vs Terry

Crouch was dissapointed, again. Garcia could not get pass Del Horno. Hyypia too slow. Something has to be done here.

Pull your team together Gerrard, and get the freakin 3 points against Blackburn in the next match!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I was about to go there next weekend..

Yeap, in fact I actually got my resort booked from 8th Oct to 15th Oct. Now I'll have to postpone it, obviously. We actually got the voucher for accommodation in Royal Resorts during our 1st visit to Bali last year. It's USD $100 for a week stay. Quite worth it huh?

But after last night's bombing, me and Mae really worry about something. Not that our vacation has been screwed up, but rather we worry that how well can the Balinese recover again this time.

U see, the Balinese is the most friendly people around, and they really worked hard to make Bali alive again, after the 1st attack almost exactly 3 years ago. I really pray that the people and economy will get back to normal a.s.a.p.

One of the bombed scene in last night's attack

The scary thing is we actually been to the places that were bombed last night. The Matahari shopping complex, KFC restaurant in Kuta, and 2 other packed restaurant in Jimbaran.. we were there! And one week before we go there again, they've been bombed! And gone! Jesus Christ!

Victim of bombings

Will they ever leave Bali alone? You tell me.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Liverpool vs Chelsea (Round 2)

Deja Vu again tomorrow? I won't be surprise to see another draw. Of course I hope Liverpool will get the much needed 3 points, and ends the unbeaten run of Chelsea! Someone really need to stop them now, EPL is getting so boring with Chelsea keep dominating.

The big night! Yeah, bet your money on Liverpool ya'll.

Peter Crouch better score some freakin goal tomorrow!

I saw this pic from Yahoo! site, and thought of sharing with u guys ;)

Catch this Vader u piece of shit!

By the way, just read that Paris Hilton and her soon-to-be fiance Paris Latsis had called off their engagement. Probably because when they chillin out at home and decided to watch some movies, he just happened to picked the wrong video from the shelf, and saw her famous sex video? I'm sure Paris must have said : "That's hot!"

What the fuck?!