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Monday, October 17, 2005

Saturday EPL and MoMo Cafe

Well, what can I say about EPL nowdays? Chelsea seems unstoppable woi! Even Arsene Wenger also admits that Arsenal is out of contention this year, after they lost at West Brom. That sucks.

Liverpool, once again, slim win over 10-man Blackburn. Lega sikit.

That red card made huge difference

Yah, u better keep scoring or I'll cut ur freakin tongue and feed the french poodle! U feel me?

Hey, since when Sugar Ray is into EPL as well?

Was catching up with some of my buddies when the EPL is playing. Went to this MoMo Cafe at Pandah Indah. Nothing fancy, but at least the staff were helpful, and the music is nice and not too loud. Not filled with ah bengs or ah lians either hehe.

Gonna miss them if I head to Brisbane again next week

Mango tea and what-else-but-Heineken ;)

We proceed to Fei Po Kai (Fat Woman Chicken Rice shop) along Jalan Pudu for supper at 2am. Damn guilty when I saw my tummy the next morning.

Arrghh, fuck it la.


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