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Monday, October 10, 2005

Tiu. Puasa Dai Sai Meh?

Been busy catching up with friends and family since touched down on last Wed morning. Finally today I have some time to check my mails and blog, when I actually came to office, how ironic haha!

Speaking of office, we had moved to 72nd floor in KLCC. That's so freakin high yo. The highest place I've worked so far, obviously. They have a nice pantry and long sofa too! How cool. Will show some pix later.

Went to Chili's in KLCC last Saturday coz Mae was craving for their old-timer burger. We arrived at 5pm for late brunch and, as usual, have to wait 10-15min for table.

The amazing thing is by 5.45pm, the Muslim patrons started sitting around us. Not only one table, but a few tables. Mind u, it was 5.45pm! We were like WTF they come here so early for when they should buka puasa at 7pm?

Then we saw them started reading books there, chatting, and talking over the phone. Oh come on, there were still people waiting for table outside, and this bunch of people just sit there and occupying the space without having a meal, at least not yet! Pls be more considerate la tiu.

Yeah, but your management sucks a LOT!

Of course, we left before they buka. Can't bear to see them enjoyin while other people suffering. At least, we felt much better, after we managed to do some shopping later, in a less crowded KLCC ;)


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