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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Liverpool vs Chelsea (Round 2)

Deja Vu again tomorrow? I won't be surprise to see another draw. Of course I hope Liverpool will get the much needed 3 points, and ends the unbeaten run of Chelsea! Someone really need to stop them now, EPL is getting so boring with Chelsea keep dominating.

The big night! Yeah, bet your money on Liverpool ya'll.

Peter Crouch better score some freakin goal tomorrow!

I saw this pic from Yahoo! site, and thought of sharing with u guys ;)

Catch this Vader u piece of shit!

By the way, just read that Paris Hilton and her soon-to-be fiance Paris Latsis had called off their engagement. Probably because when they chillin out at home and decided to watch some movies, he just happened to picked the wrong video from the shelf, and saw her famous sex video? I'm sure Paris must have said : "That's hot!"

What the fuck?!


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