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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Punk'd, by Paparazzi

Though I hate them since Diana's death (even that also they keep saying it was a royal conspiracy, and not the paparazzi's fault), I must admit that the paparazzi is so fuckin like Jason Bourne. They know where you are, they know what you doing, and they know when to strike! They are basically highly trained secret agents armed with camera.

This post is dedicated to the hardwork and contribution from the paparazzi, for letting us know, things that we will never find out in the Hollywood. For example:

1. It's official, Vince and Jen are an item now! Grr.. that son of bitch!

Jen and Vince puffing cozily in the back alley. Jen is huggin her best friend, Courtney, by the way

Somehow I just don't think Vince is the right guy for Jen. And that guy with Courtney is not David Arquette either

2. Another Dawn Yang. Fergie denied having any surgery, of course.

You tell me

3. Katie is hot back then. And very firm! *slurps*

How come nowdays she's so flat?

4. Eva Longoria's tatoo

Aww.. pink bikini somemore! Jesus!

Speaking of Eva, I thought of another femes Eva, Eva Mendes.

Will you choose the desperate Eva?

Or, will you choose the fast & furious Eva?

5. Guess whose nipple is slipping out?

Yes, it's the Hollaback Girl. And that's her little nipple expo-say!

6. And finally, the mother of all shots! Adriana Lima's boobies!

OMFG, I salute you paparazzi!! God bless y'all


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