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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day Blooper

5 defenders playing and this guy still manage to score! machaohai!

Unlucky Bellamy, our best player last night. Player of the Match goes to Tugay, the Roy Keane of Blackburn.

All in all, bad performance, bad result, bad line-up by Rafa, again.

Finnan - Poor, awkward run, as always.
Reina, Hyypia, Agger, Carra - Guilty for that goal.
Riise - Why was he playing when we got Gonzalez already?
Alonso - Dreaming in 1st half. Unlucky in 2nd half.
Gonzalez - Fucking poor, bad passing, cannot run. Speedy my ass.
Gerrard - Below par. Recovering from X'mas hang-over. KNNMCH!
Crouch - Mothafucker. My grandfather's first touch is even better! Cibai.
Kuyt, Garcia - Too late.
Fowler - Is he watching from above? Where is GOD?

Pick yourself up Stevie! Stop loitering in midfield and start charging forward damnit!

From 3rd to 6th. Arghhh! Damn pissed!


At Thursday, December 28, 2006 6:13:00 AM, Blogger Mr D said...

I got up at 2am to watch that very average performance. Argh alright...poor performance by the reds and frustrating. Crocuh was shocking and gives bad head.

At Thursday, December 28, 2006 10:28:00 AM, Blogger lilyliverbird said...

Crotchless missed 3 free headers. Useless git.

Gonzales is a girl. Bloody stupid hair too.

I think Boxing Day matches should be cancelled lah. Kasi chan lah the footballers want to enjoy Christmas. The supporters too.

At Thursday, December 28, 2006 1:37:00 PM, Blogger spiller said...

mr d: i heard rumour that Crouchie is leaving for Newcastle, and Rafa aiming for David Villa. Good news finally :)

2am? u in Australia?

lily: yeah, Boxing Day is for big sale and shopping :P

At Thursday, December 28, 2006 4:45:00 PM, Blogger Mr D said...

Yeah I also heard about Crouch but we should keep him for Europe. He been awesome for England and I think the continent can not handle him.

As for Villa, he would be awesome with Kuyt as long as he does not turn into a Nando Morales.
But Villa gonna cost 25m apparently.

Yeah due I most certainly am down under and the timings of matches can be a pain!

At Thursday, December 28, 2006 4:47:00 PM, Blogger lilyliverbird said...

Nooooooooooooo. Dowan crouch to go newcastle. kasi spoil owen punya chance to be the new shearer. better crouch go charlton to play with traore. or wherever heskey is now.

At Thursday, December 28, 2006 4:59:00 PM, Blogger spiller said...

mr d, lily: haha.. i don't care where he's going, as long as he leaves when the new striker comes in.

darren bent looks to be a good buy.


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