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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Syriana - Are You Lost?

This is one of the best geopolitical thrillers in recent years. However, the movie is quite complicated, at least not the type that entertains most of our audience. I myself have problem understanding the plot sometimes, thanks to the badly done subtitle.

Syriana - Overall I'll give it 7.5/10

Puzzle 1: George Clooney got his award based on supporting role. Who's playing the lead role then? Or there was no lead role in this movie at all?

The superb trio of Damon, Clooney and Alexander Siddig (in white) capped an excellent performance

Puzzle 2: Why they show the execution of Prince Nasir in the dessert, but not the suicide bombing of Wasim?

The last moment of Wasim

Puzzle 3: If CIA is so capable of eliminating their "enemies", then why are Ahmadinejad, Castro, JI, Abu Sayyaf and al-Qaeda leaders still walking around? Somehow there must be some complicated conspiracy behind of everything, because somehow I believe US Army, if not CIA, is capable of performing such act. Ya know, more like not that they can't, but they don't want to, kinda shit.

Don't mess with CIA, EVAR.

Of course, for people like us, they don't have to bomb you with a guided missile. Peeling the nails of your finger will do.


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