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Friday, February 03, 2006

Lord of War or Warlord?

After some non-stop gambling and open-house visiting, me and Mae decided to go Lot 10/Sg Wang for some shopping. She got herself a very nice pair of blue fish-skin court shoe, while I satisfied myself with some great DVDs.

First up, Lord of War (My rating: 8.5/10)

This is definitely gonna be one of my favourite movie of 2006 (even though it was released in US last year). Great story, great plot, excellent cast, good screenplay and most of all, the fact that it was shoot on-site in Ukraine, West Africa and Middle-East, makes it even more realistic.

Not a big fan of Nicholas Cage, but definitely this is one of his best performance! Somehow he's still able to look so innocent, even when he's the most successful arms dealer. Jared Leto and Ethan Hawke were fine. But most surprisingly I notice a familiar face when Ava Fontaine (Yuri's wife) appeared.

The moment I saw her I feel deja vu. Then I realised she was Natasha from Sex and the City! Her name is Bridget Moynahan, and her filmography is quite impressive as well: The Recruit, I-Robot, Sum of All Fears and the most famous of all..

Coyote Ugly.

Even Tyra Banks, Piper Perabo and Maria Bello didn't made it as big as Bridget, on the silver screen.

Still, who would forget that bar?


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