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Friday, March 03, 2006

Mae is officially a certified Tandem Skydiver

This happened when we were still in Australia back in August last year. She was looking for bungee jump but since the price for tandem skydiving is not much higher than bungee, we thought what the heck, might as well go for skydiving right?

We decided to go with Skydive Ramblers due to recommendation from my ex-colleague in Brisbane. They turned out to be very friendly and most importantly, very experienced indeed.

The Skydive Ramblers office at Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast

Mae with the instructor, Wayne

All geared up. Too bad I can't board the plane with them. I've always wanted to fly in small planes

This is the best photo I captured, just before they touched down. Damn, I really need to polish my skills

Touching down on a beautiful beach, cool huh? "So how was it dear?"

"Absolutely fantastic!" Damn, I'm so proud of her!

Full video here

And no, I didn't jump. I chickened out okay. Shuddup already.


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